The Club Accommodations & Pricing

Dog Day Care Prices -- Because your best friend deserves the best care

We understand that every pet in our care is special and has individual needs. We make sure your dog will receive the personalized attention he or she knows and loves at home. We offer three rooming options, each with different amenities. Our trained staff will help you choose the best fit for your pet and help you personalize your pet’s experience at our pet hotel.

Chelsea Condos: $38/day*

• 35 sq. ft. Climate controlled room with a tempered glass door, & heated floors

• Includes 1 hour of group play and several potty breaks in turf yards

• Ideal for family pups who enjoy play

Fancy Suites: $33/day*

• 21 sq. ft. Climate controlled room with a tempered glass door, heated floors, & outdoor patio area

• Includes 1 hour of group play & several potty breaks on outdoor patios.

• Includes a bedtime potty break in turf yards

• Ideal for single pups who enjoy play

Happy Hounds: $28/day*

• 16 sq. ft. Climate controlled room with a tempered glass door, & outdoor patio area

• Includes 2 individual recess times in pebbled yards and several potty breaks on outdoor patios

• Ideal for pups who prefer sniffing and exploring over playmates

Receive $5 off per day when family dogs room together!

All rates and policies are subject to change without notice

Looking for our Clubhouse Reservations?

We will be phasing out this option with the opening of our second location on S. Erisman Rd, Manheim. Be sure to check out the new package options being offered there!


Club Policies

Just a few things to keep in mind

Payment: There is no deposit required, however we do ask that all balances be paid IN FULL upon departure. Invoices are calculated by the number of calendar days your pet stays with us. Days with an arrival AFTER noon and/or departure BEFORE noon will be considered half days with all other days totaling the daily rate.

Example 1: Drop off 8am on Saturday, Pick up 5pm Sunday = 2 days.

Example 2: Drop off 3pm Friday, Pick up 5pm Sunday = 2.5 days.

2-Day Minimum: We implement a 2-day minimum stay. Any overnight stay will be a minimum 2-day charge.

Vaccines: Rabies, DHLP, and Bordetella are required to be current at time of arrival for ALL services. Vaccines that have been expired for over a month, or that have never been given require a 2 week incubation period before your pet comes. (Vaccination may not provide instant protection.) NO EXCEPTIONS.

Medication Fees: $0.75 per administration, Keep all medications separate from food. All medication must be labeled.

Forgot Your Food? No problem! We can feed our house community food, Purina One Chicken and Rice, for a small fee of $2/meal.

Leashes Please! Please bring your pup on a leash with a properly fitted collar or harness. Be sure to label your leash along with other belongings.