Policies & FAQs

We know you have a lot of questions, and the best way for us to answer most of them is in person. That’s why we offer a complimentary tour of our facility for all new clients. During your tour we will provide you with all the information you need to know about our services, our policies, and how we can best serve you and your pet’s needs!.

However, we have still compiled a list of our most asked questions to clarify some of our services and policies:.

1Q.Why is group play no longer included with my stay?
A. Our mission is to provide each pet that comes through our doors with a personalized experience. Each dog has unique needs and each client is looking for a different experience for their pup. We have had many different options over the years and through that experience we have learned that the best way to provide the best care to each dog is to customize their stay to their individual needs rather than try to conform them to a predetermined option. Our starting rate of $35/day includes all the necessities to ensure that each pet is safe, happy, and healthy throughout their stay. From there, our staff can help you build and customize it with activities tailored to their specific needs and routine If you’re dog only plays at the dog park twice a week, we would only recommend adding Group Play on twice a week during a stay. Being away from home can be tiring enough without adding more exercise than what each dog is conditioned for.
2Q.What vaccinations are required for my pet to stay at Canine Country Club Inc?
A.Canines: We require proof of current RABIES, DHLP, and BORDETELLA. (Canine Influenze vaccination is highly recommended but NOT required)
A.Felines: We require proof of current RABIES and FVRCP vaccinations.
3 Q.I came to drop off my pet and realized that one or more of his/her vaccinations are expired. Can you make a one-time exception for me and still let me drop-off my pet?
A.No, we will have to decline your check-in. For your pet and for our other guests safety, we CANNOT make any exceptions for expired vaccinations.
4Q.Why do I have to wait 14 days after vaccinations are administered to bring my pet to the Club?
A.(This ONLY applies to a pet that has not been previously vaccinated or who’s vaccinations are expired for over one month) Vaccines do not stimulate immunity immediately after they are administered. Once a vaccine is administered, the antigens must be recognized, responded to and remembered by the immune system. In most animals, disease protection does not begin until five days after vaccination. Full protection from a vaccine usually takes up to 14 days.
5Q.Why didn’t you call me to let me know my pet’s vaccinations were expired before I came to drop off?
A.We are not responsible for reminding you to update your pet’s vaccinations. Please call your veterinarian’s office to set up vaccination reminders. However, if we notice one of your pet’s vaccinations are expired or about to expire during his stay, we will do our best to let you know.
6Q.What is Kennel Cough?
A.Kennel cough is a fairly common ailment in dogs. People tend to associate it with dogs who have recently been boarded (or "kenneled"). However, your dog could contract kennel cough anywhere they come into contact with other dogs such as, the groomer, the veterinarian's office, in dog obedience class, at a dog show or any other dog related event. Any time your dog is in the vicinity of an infected dog, the potential exists for infection. Kennel cough is caused by an airborne virus, which is highly contagious. The incubation period is about 7-10 days, meaning your dog will not display symptoms of illness for about 7-10 days following exposure to the virus.
7Q.My dog is vaccinated for Bordetella (Kennel Cough). Can he/she still get sick?
A.Vaccinating your dog with the Bordetella vaccine can help reduce their risk. However, be aware that your dog can still contract the Kennel Cough virus even if he or she has been vaccinated. There are many strains and mutations of the virus, making it a hit or miss whether the vaccine used on your dog will be the right one for the strain with which your dog comes in contact with. This is similar to the "flu shot" for people; each year a vaccine is developed based on which strain(s) are suspected to be most prevalent. Simply put, having the flu shot does not guarantee you won't get the flu and when your dog has a Bordetella vaccination it doesn't guaranteed he or she won't get kennel cough. A strong immune system is best defense against viruses. This is why several dogs could be exposed to the kennel cough virus but only one may actually contract it.
8Q.What are your hours? Why can’t I check-in / check-out anytime?
A.Click HERE to see our hours. We ask that you please respect our posted hours. (We reserve the right to add a $25 “After-Hours” fee onto your bill if you choose to arrive for check-in /check-out outside of our posted hours without notice).
9Q.I need to check-in / check-out outside your posted business hours. What do I do?
A.We offer an “After-Hours” check-in / check-out service. Cost is $25 per check-in /check-out. We ask that you provide us with at least 24 hours notice and also a reasonable time window of when we can expect you. We also reserve the right to accept OR decline your after-hours request.
10Q.Can I call CCC to check on my pet during his/her stay at the Club?
A.Yes! We encourage you to call and check in. Our friendly staff can tell you how your pet is doing and let you know how much fun they are having too! Another way to keep up on your pet’s stay at CCC is to add-on a FUN Photo!
11Q.I am staying locally while my dog rooms at CCC. Can I come visit my dog during his/her stay at the Club?
A.We usually discourage pet parents from coming in to visit their dog during his/her stay. This is only for the dogs emotional well-being, as it may be difficult for the dog to understand why you came to see them briefly and then left them again. Most canines have some type of separation anxiety from their parents, and we feel revisiting those emotions during their stay should be avoided. However, under certain circumstances, we do allow scheduled visits.
12Q.Is there someone that stays at the Club overnight with the guests? What would you do in an emergency?
A.Yes. Co-owners Kim and Gary live on-location in the adjacent farmhouse. The Club is also monitored and protected 24/7 by a state-of-the-art 3T Security system. We are fully prepared to deal with any emergency and have professional trained staff on-call 365 days a year. We are also closely in touch with the local veterinarian offices, fire and police departments and have plans in place if case of emergency.
13Q.How far in advance should I book my pet’s reservation?
A.During the summer months and holidays, we recommend scheduling your reservations as soon as you are able to lock down your dates. These times are very busy for us and the sooner you call, the better the chance you have to reserve a room in your pet’s favorite section. Some people make reservations 6 months to even a year ahead of their scheduled vacation. Any other time, we request you make your reservation at least 48 hours ahead of time.
14Q.What happens to my pet when CCC is closed for the holidays? Is anyone there to take care of them?
A.Although this seems like a silly question to some, we get asked this question a lot! The answer is, we are fully staffed at the Club and caring for your furry friends no matter the holiday. However, we do not have client check-in / check-out hours on Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.
15Q.I have two or more dogs. Can they stay in the same room?
A.Yes, family dogs may room together. In fact, we offer a discount for “room-mates.” We do request your assurance that your dogs are compatible, for any given amount of time, in their room. If for any reason, we feel there is a safety or comfort concern for either dog, we may separate them into individual rooms at our discretion. In these situations, we will have to charge full price for the second room.
16Q.I sent the exact amount of food that my pet needed for their stay. Why was there some left over?
A.Some dogs may eat less while rooming away from home. This could be caused by the stress of a new environment, the excitement of playing and meeting new friends, or simply missing their family. We keep a close eye on all of our guests and carefully monitor everyone’s mealtimes. Although it is not unusual for a slight drop in appetite, if we feel your dog is not eating enough, we will notify you and take further actions to stimulate their appetite.
17Q.My dog lost weight during their recent stay. Are they OK?
A.It can be normal for a medium or large dog to lose between 5 - 10 pounds during an extended rooming stay. This weight loss can be a result of one or more things. First, stress or excitement may lessen his appetite. (See above Q&A) Second, dogs that are rooming in one of our social areas are getting constant daily exercise and activity. This active lifestyle means they may burn off a lot more calories than they would at home! Again, we always keep a close eye on our guests to make sure they are safe, healthy, and having a good time throughout their stay with us. If we ever have any concerns for the safety or comfort of your pet, we will not hesitate to notify you immediately.