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We are proud to introduce you to our team! Even though we all have a passion for dogs and cats, we know that working at a pet resort requires much more than that! That is why each individual member has under-gone extensive training in both pet-care and animal behavior. We take pride in our teamwork and strive to make Canine Country Club the best it can be for you and your furry friends!


Gary & Kim Buchen - Founder

As founders of Canine Country Club, Inc, Gary and Kim laid the foundation that allowed for the growth the business has seen since its conception. Kim spent many years building the business; training, working and dreaming alongside her youngest daughter Dashia. Gary ensured the grounds (and grass!) stayed in tip-top shape while working Full Time for UGI. Gary and Kim eventually handed the reigns over to Dashia and her husband Cody to oversee the day to day but they still regularly consult and dream with each other on what’s next! Today, Gary and Kim are both enjoying retirement by spending time with their grandchildren and by taking some well-earned vacations! Kim still has a passion for animals and has recently taken up the challenge of raising pet ducks. If you ever visit The Club location, you may just see a few of them waddling through the evergreens. Their Border Collie Electra can be found keeping a close eye on the ducks or playing an endless game of fetch.


Cody & Dashia Stauffer - Founder

Dashia grew up working alongside her mom, taking care of all the family pets, learning how to groom, and helping her mom build and grow the business. She and Cody were married in 2009, just after opening a new addition at The Club (where the lobby is today!). Cody worked alongside his father in their custom cabinetry business until 2012 when he came on board full time to help Dashia run the business. Today, Cody and Dashia have 3 children, Ayvril, Elle, and Slate who are anxiously awaiting the day they are old enough to join the team! Cody and Dashia enjoy spending time with family and friends around meals or campfires and taking their kids on outdoor adventures. The Stauffer family is also home to three cats, Fergie, Kiki, & Pow, and two dogs, Hinckley and Windsor – who is the namesake for The Windsor location! You can often find the dogs “supervising” at work and greeting clients.

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