I'm looking for a place my dog
can go during the day

Prefers Humans

Day Stay
@ The Club or The Windsor

$25/dog, includes a room with patio & two 15-minute off-leash recesses

Plays Well With Others

@ The Club or The Windsor

$30/dog, a great way to maintain positive social skills. Includes 1 hour of group play daily along with two 15-minute off leash recesses. Booking more than one week in advance may be limited.

Multi-pet Discount: $5
Half Day Discount: $8
Groom Discount: $6

I'm looking for activities my dog
and I can do together

Plays Well With Others

Open Play
@ The Club or The Windsor

$5/dog, Every Tuesday and Thursday - 6:30-8:00pm.

Open Swim

$15/Dog or purchase a
10-Swim pass for $100.

Indoor Pool:
Tue & Thu 12-8pm

Outdoor Pool:
New schedule coming in 2024!

Prefers Humans

Private Swim

You and your dog can have the pool to yourselves!

Client Events

Throughout the year we host themed events with photos booths and fun activities. Leash manners are a must!

Ask about our Discount Packages and hourly care!

Planning to be a regular daycare attendee?

Check out our WAGs program below!


WAGs ( Windsor's Academic Groups )

Windsor's Academic Groups includes 2 hours of play time each day. Groups rotate between inside, turf, and grass play areas. During play, our staff uses positive reinforcement to practice basic skills and behaviors. To learn more, fill out a WAGs application and one of our WAGs Supervisors will contact you to set up a short consultation to go over more program details!


• Schedule Commitment - Plan to attend the same days each week.
• Appropriate Social Skills - Applicants must go through an assessment process (5-days over a 2 week period) to ensure they can abide by the WAGs Code of Conduct.
• Automatic Billing - Members have the option of choosing between Bi-Weekly and Monthly Subscriptions.
• Altered - All members are required to be spayed/neutered if older than 6 months


• Discounts - On boarding, grooming, and swim services.
• Multi-Pet Discount
• Referral Credit
• Holiday Parties & Photo Shoots
• Consistant Schedule - No need to make reservations, just let us know if you will be unable to attend your scheduled day. WAGs also continues on most holidays and only closes for July 4 th , Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
• Monthly Subscription - Pay for 4-weeks at a time billed on the same day each month. When members opt for monthly billing, they receive a discount off the regular rate
• Free Open Swim at The Windsor and Open Play at either location